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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 3, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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next at eight... the search for a killer in the south bay.. police looking for the man who killed a silicon valley millionare during a home invasion. >> they have a least one half of the department on this case and in neighboring apartments in the santa clara county are also helping out. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: and the growing controversy over how the alameda county sheriff's office .... plans to use unmanned drones. rising concern over plans to use drone aircraft for law enforcement in find out why privacy concerns may keep the idea from getting off the ground. raveesh kumra. operations.
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however, the american civil liberties union alleges there is more in the plans than just search and rescue.. the group says the alameda county sheriff's office could also use the remote controlled aircraft and as, kron 4's reggie kumar tells us, the a-c- l-u claims, it has the documents to prove it.. you may not see it as it flys over your home or backyard snapping pictures of your every move. that's what the aclu alleges could happen, if the alameda county sheriff's office is allowed to use these unmanned drones. the aclu says it obtained these documents from the sheriff's office through a california public records act, and they show the sheriff's office will do hamadi grant was received in october half approving the grant request for intelligence gathering and terrorism prevention but that is not a search of rescue. more with these flying aircraft than what it has told the public and the alameda county board of supvisors. alcu attorney linda lye says the board was expected to vote on the
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during tuesday night's pulled from the agenda. >> it received a grant from the california emergency management association in october approving this grant request to buy a drone for intelligence gathering for not search and rescue so clearly the board has not received the full story on the sheriff's intentions >> surviellance is a fancy way of saying spying, we're a little concerned drones have the capacity to be abused tremendously because they can gather heaps of information at low cost, there's no natural check. >> alameda county sheriff's office spokesperson j-d nelson declined an on camera interview, but told kron 4 reggie kumar kron 4 news. >> today, we are still cleaning the aftermath from a strong storms come up with the trees all over word knocked down the two cars and homes and power was choked out of thousands. take a look at this giant sinkhole a in a lafayette. terisa estacio. >> all day long.
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>> running back hoes, excavators and dump trucks worked at a feverish pace attempting to clear up this sink hole and expose an 8 foot storm pipe. city officials say the big pipe was designed to safely transport a massive amount of water underneath this road steering rain water away from homes but somehow it failed. on sunday morning, the road caved in - the crater is now huge, 80 feet long, 30 wide and 18 feet deep. the failure is under investigation, but in the meantime, the race is on to figure out how to put in another drainage system. city officials say if there is not a temporary fix put in before the next storm disasterous out here. >> we are expecting the rainfall on tuesday with heavy rain fall on wednesday. our expectation and goal is to get to the storm pipe by two mar at this time. if there remains exposed water is the enemy.
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when it comes to soil. if it comes in like this fully exposed it would be catastrophic. we are trying to get down to our storm drain so we can reassess it and get it working for wednesday. if not, we will have to do some temporary control measures and be prepared for the next storm measures. >> and a lafayette, terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> narrow, winding roads in the santa cruz mountains. several mudslides that sent rocks and debris onto busy high whenever 17. scotts valley is closed after a large mud slide took out about 50 ft. of one lane. >> it is going to be a big problem for us it is a major commuter route from highway 17. and we only have one lane that is completely washed out. we are trying to
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assess the situation. >> drivers are looking for detours and power outages continue to linger as down trees with power lines. flooding was a huge concern along the river in the san jose. as scott rates shows us some multimillion-dollar improvements held up to hold back the water >> people that live along the guadalupe river in the san jose are very happy that this river did not overflow. flooded the neighborhood in 1995. they credit the city of san jose that they have done on this roof for the past 10 years. let me show you what they've done on this -- record. let me show you that it is not that bad that this river. river
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levels are decent and it was 200 for when they started the $10.7 million project removed 4800 cubic yards of sediment. that allowed water to move it through quickly. and if 7005 butter homes were relieved because of those homes that were done with a 7500 homes -- are iout of harm's way. scott rates, kron 4. >> also in the east bay... this 60-feet tall linden tree, came down during the storm early sunday morning, in the benicia tree removers were busy there today the owner of the home says, she was startled by her neighbor's tree when it came crashing down onto her home just
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before sunrise it had been iwithheld storms over 80 years. >> also, this tree and walnut creek smashed through 1 yd and one into another yard. many are still without power and grant has the latest numbers on power outages. >> that is correct, in the bay area there are2470 without power. with 1000 of the south bay. 980 are in the dark tonight in the south bay. 600 on the peninsula, 600 on the east bay and 200 in the north bay. 90 and san francisco are without power as we continue to restore power.
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>>jacqueline: we do have another storm coming in but it will not be as strong as what we saw for the weekend. as we go towards santa rosa, mount st. helena. and decent conditions that help to try things out a little bit today. it will be a little bit for the air to get saturated enough for the rain to hit the ground. most of that moisture is missing us. but the storm is still offshore and packing plenty of moisture. going towards tomorrow and here is what we expected. the increasing clouds and the north bay shower but i do not think it will record to see any rainfall until 5:00. mainly, north bay shores but wednesday, more whitetiming it out on futurecast. more
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widespread totals. >> the wonder of cdc's that this coming flu season and 3 warnings from the cdc. there is prevention but you have to take action now dan kerman. >> if you've not gotten a flu shots you should consider one. the flu season is are arriving earlier than usual. >> it is unusual to a peaks in december and january is usually the main one. this year it looks like on the eastern portion is already building up steam heat. >> kaiser and walnut creek say that this is strain is also more potent. which is why everybody over six months should get a flu shot. and those most at risk. >> children have a higher risk of getting serious. with chronic conditions, diabetes, and the elderly.
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>> people of void because if it will give them the flue but it's not true. >> that is a myth. is just a piece of the virus and it is not a portion for the virus to cause the flu. >> other flu vaccine places will have it until well next year but the few really want to protect yourself the time to get if it is now. dan kerman, kron 4. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room all of muni subway trains are still not running. we have video from the market and van ness there were not able to board trains. a transformer blew just before 6:00 p.m. this electronic signaling program. still, no word on when the service will resume on market/van and as. those
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passengers are stranded near market and/van ness -- between the west portal and embarcadero there are bus shuttles. the agency said that the m, l, j., say are a limited routes but they can certainly expect long delays. new sneva is not aware when full service is expected muni is not aware when full-service will be up and running but they will advise you to check on footer for the latest updates and we will keep you updated. check on twitter twitter
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>> police have released this kind 1 0 1 calls with sheaves linebacker. the 911 call. the chiefs linebacker.
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>> 9-1-1 recordings have been released in an n-f-l player shooting. police say chiefs quarterback jovan belcher killed his girlfriend -- then turned the gun on himself. with the hot hand. damian: bring back alex.
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>> if zimmermann is being charged with second-degree murder. his trial is the 9-1-1 calls have been released from this involving n-f-l player jovan the kansas city his girlfriend, the mother began saturday morning. >> "shooting, 5401 crysler .. female." "i believe our suspect is a chiefs player." "ok, i've got two coaches, one other employee here who's trying to beg with this guy." (noise) self-inflicted, oneit's clear what happened: jovan belcher shot his the mother of their three- times, then drove to thebut why remains unanswered. the league decided their critical of the team's performance on the field, through an off- the-fieldthe chiefs played their best game of the season and won.
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and for a three-month-old girl... the love of her parents lost forever. >> a photo are george zimmerman - never before seen by the public - has been released. zimmerman is the man charged with shooting and
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killing trayvon martin last february. the photo is in high short time after the zimmerman was on neighborhood patrol in as he approached him.. he's claiming self- defense in a second degree murder case.. we will keep it dry. >> buckingham palace calls the news "delightful" -- and it's especially delightful for the british tabloids.... we learned today that the duchess of cambridge - prince william's wife - is pregnant. it's the most widely- anticipated royal pregnancy since princess diana's in 1981.... the british public loves prince william and his wife kate.. and almost from the moment they said 'i do' in april of last year ....speculation
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on recently it's been on overdrive.. tabloids noting that kate was drinking water instead of wine at state events.. or magazines insisting her microscopically less flat people in crowds handed over baby today - a statement confirmed the news.. the duchess of cambridge is that good news is tempered a bit by the fact she's in a london hospital with extreme morning sickness. this is the hospital.. this is the small photographers camped outside. photos showed the prince leaving after spending hours at her bedside. she's on an i-v - and might not be released for several days. the pregnancy is less than 12 weeks along....with the announcement coming so early only because hospitalizations are hard to keep secret. congratulatory messages are coming in from all over. >> i am delighted for them to the will make brilliant parents. >> we extend our congratulations. the baby would be third in line for the throne...
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and with british law changing - the first-born will be first in line for succession behind william - regardless of gender. catherine heenan, kron 4. >>pam: british newspaper say that even the queen didn't know about the pregnancy - until the duchess had to be rushed to the hospital. we will be right back.
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gabe slate tech report >> >> shopping around the holidays should be a fun activity if your out shopping around holidays but a lot of times it can be very stressful. one of the most dreadful about holiday shopping is parking. a great new mobile application that takes the stress out of parking. >> the main objective of " park now " to go from the origination-destination without circling of looking for parking. >> this is a parking application with a free
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as much rainfall? your answer, coming up.
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look at our top stories at eight-thirty... >>pam: in santa clara county -- police are trying to determine who killed a multi -millionaire inside his seven- thousand square foot home. this is video of the crime scene from sky-7-h-d, a-b-c-7-news. police released this sketch of a suspect, who they believe is connected to ravi kumra's murder. authorities are trying to figure out whether the attack was targeted. >> in alameda county-- the possible use of drones is stirring privacy concerns. the sheriff's office says, the drones would used for search and rescue operations. however, the a-c-l-u claims, the aircraft may be used to spy on people. the controversial issue was removed from tommorrow's board of supervisor's
8:32 pm
agenda. >> and a string of powerful storms left deep scars all over the bay area. in lafayette, crews are working around the clock to repair a huge sinkhole. the enormous crater is about 80- feet long -- 30- feet wide and 18- feet deep. crews say, the road will be closed throughout the winter. >> oakland police have made an arrest... in connection to a case involving an at- risk teen girl, who walked away from a group home last week. the 16-year-old.. who was considered at risk because of her diminished mental capacity.. walked away from the fred finch home in oakland last tuesday. staff reportedly followed her to the fruitvale bart station.. where they lost sight of her. the girl was found two days later in san francisco. police have not released the name of the person in custody.... nor any further details about
8:33 pm
the case. >> kaviar king. the 14 year- old vallejo board, pleaded " not guilty " to charges the 14 year-old vallejo boy had pleaded " not guilty " to two charges of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 65 year-old woman. he is being charged as an adult. he
8:34 pm
kidnapped a woman and vallejo return, peter and after unconscious in a ditch. >> the firefighters and paramedics, were on the shoulder of a highway near the exit of dealing with a traffic accident when a another fast-growing car lost control on the slick road. it hit the fire truck and it rolled over them. the fire chief says that they were doing everything okay. >> we will evaluate those procedures to make sure that they're protected. >> one has and cuts, concussion the other has a fractured knee cap and it needs surgery. the other also needs foot surgery the panic at the accident scene is clear. other firefighters tried to help their own. the fire station is to trying to
8:35 pm
heal. >> not only the physical injuries but the emotional injuries we are doing everything to take care of the entire organization. >> the fire chief says that he could be months before the injured firefighters returned to work orinda.. >> this oakland medical marijuana dispensary has won the first round of a federal crackdown. the judge ruled that the land of war for harborside health center cannot defect the shop despite the u.s. attorney's risk and threaten to seize the property. she has cause to kick them out because they are engaging in illegal activity. but state law allows and not profits to distribute marijuana decline does not hold up. another holding hearings will hold another hearing-will be later this month. the latest
8:36 pm
plan from the minister will transcend is calling for the transit system to go from stockton, washington and even chinatown. no the officials want to see this extended to north beach. it would append at columbus were the abandoned pagoda theater is. it is expected to cost $1.6 billion before the north beach extension. it would of course go off. that extension into north beach will be discussed at tomorrow's municipal transit meeting. >>jacqueline: we have seen quite a bit of rainfall over the weekend. nearly 7 in.- and the san rafael even more expected with for more-
8:37 pm
in richmond. some are returning to the north but that is already pressed through. the satellite and reversing that it is missing us but it is just too dry. we did see some passes returning. but none of that hit the ground. we are expecting more rain fall tomorrow, wednesday, that system offshore. as we look towards tomorrow, the chance for north bay showers but mainly after 7:00 a.m. is when it would pick up. more rain fall on wednesday, timing it out on futurecast. >> japanese officials are inspecting traffic tunnels.
8:38 pm
>> the u.s. supreme court says it no action state courts have ruled proposition 8 -- federal courts have ruled proposition 8 is an unconstitutionaltabloids noting that kate people in crowds and why the u-s chiefs player." "ok, i've got two coaches, jovan belcher shot his your family your friends and shows they're just not there was no decision from the u-s supreme court today on whether it will
8:39 pm
take up cases involving same sex marriage.. there are 10 different cases - including california's prop 8... prop 8 of course is the sex marriage. if the court does 'not' hear the case - same sex marriage will be legal in califonia. justices do take the case - >> this boy scout is being honored for coming out. . these donations could now be under law scrutiny. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization
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now for today's market update... stocks start the week lower.. after a weak manufacturing report heightened worries that the fiscal deadlock in washington is already starting to impact the economy. the "institute for supply management" says manufacturing in the u-s shrank last month. on wall street today.. the dow dropped 60- points to fall below 13- thousand. nasdaq also fell eight points.. and the s-and-p 500 lost close to seven. news corp says.... it's shutting down "the daily" -- the first newspaper available exclusively for tablet devices.. because of a lack of readership. this is video from the newspaper's debut in february 2011. it was initially available only on apple's ipad, then expanded to other tablets. the daily's 100 employees are expected to be moved to other news corp. publications. the paper is expected to release its last issue on december 15-th.
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the move comes as c-e-o rupert murdoch prepares to break news corp. into two [ male announcer ] december is customer appreciation month at subway restaurants. saying thanks is a great deal because we're offering $2 six inch subs -- the cold cut combo or meatball marinara. $2 each, all december long. appreciation tastes amazing! hurry in for your $2 sub. subway. eat fresh.
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>> in this day and age we do need to question it may be a good cause it may go to charity but they need to put the facts out more and people donating needing to find out where there things are really going >> the people have spoken and the lawmakers have been listening when it comes to unattended donation boxes that have been popping up around the bay seems to be an saturation of for profit donation boxes, i found one in the city of alameda where the owner of a car repair shop agreed to have this one on his property >> the told me that they shared with the salvation army and goodwill >> i even found a couple of bins near my house in san mateo, most say for profit and some say for charity. but the truth you and i could go and buy a donation bin off the internet and put whatever we want on it >> the bin appeared on our
8:46 pm
property stanley ( just out of nowhere,) out of nowhere >> but all that may be about to change, there is a state bill ab1978 will establish rules and regulations for the bins state wide one that i liked was if someone places a bin on your property illegally can without fear of being held liability hire a two truck--tow truck.. to remove it in castro valley they are proposing that deach been be 400 feet apart to avoid saturation, and premission for the placement they are also considering charging a 500 dollar per bin fee; i can see the bins vanishing as we speak. no longer will just an web address be allowed on the bin you will need you full address of the owner and get this it will have to say for charity or for profit, you see that what happens when you over do something... laws and
8:47 pm
ordianced are crated. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >>jacqueline: we can see the rain fall perhaps 5:00 a.m.- 6:00 a.m. showers could start in the north bay. on futurecast, that will continue by 11:00. concentrated to the north by tomorrow. l st but showers over san francisco, oakland that are not being picked up from the computer model. the south they could stay dry. we could see this impact the entire bay area. with a light/moderate for
8:48 pm
the north bay and a cold front. by 5:00, this band of yellow on your screen and the south, quickly it will start to break apart. with moderate rainfall over livermore valley, and by 9. with some spotty showers but the rest of the bay area will continue. for the early afternoon. temperatures? 50s and 60s. the same thing in richmond. 62 in livermore, 65 degrees in the san jose and for the sierras, this will bring warmer air. even at 9,000 ft. of snowfall on later this week. we will basically seat moisture /rainfall-just we will just see rainfall for the rest of the, the wind will not be
8:49 pm
gusting over 30 m.p.h. once we get through this is could be smooth sailing for the rest of the workweek. >> ogood evening, everybody kaepernick is still the charts for jim harbaugh to start against miami at candlestick on a sunday. he is counting those shoulder pads. and this was it, the 49ers were on their way, and attended-2. are bought admitted a razzle dazzle, a 10-2. antar but admitted. he accepted full planblame right in that hansel wil walker in the hands. 53 yds, and they win
8:50 pm
it in 54 yds. kaepernick, they lose. >> with kaepernick, we thought that a especially after the fumble/touchdown. the way that he responded, the with our team responded. we are putting in ourselves in a position to win after that. after the safety. responded with some big throws had some big plays. >> these are one of those things where if you are a smith and you will selected kaepernick. and our young staff likes to bait me. his and kaepernick, to his credit, 50 yds alex smith does not make this run. and i know that people would say that he would've done it and
8:51 pm
made a better pace of the game. they play this because they take he has more talent. plain and simple. but retreating into the end zone, 0.2 points on at the points for st. louis. and this brought a st. louis right back into the game. he should have just knocked it out of the bonds but with and they ended up a touchdown. if you want to call this a quarterback controversy harbaugh pro we feel is that it is going to be kaepernick. you are going to beat a loss, maybe a couple of losses before jim harbaugh and matt that he could have made a mistake. before he-it mets and possibly puts alex back in. for coach harbaugh admits that he made a mistake with
8:52 pm
kaepernick. >> dennis allen, the head coach left right after the game to be with th66 fathe in offensive coordinator coach was holding a press conference. >> we did not meet with the players but i did make some notes after watching the tapes. really, our mind set is to get ready for denver. >> the forty-niners, the raiders, it pales in comparison to what happened to...the jovan belcher tragedy 27-21. he addressed the team after the game. >> this loss is for all of us and we are impacted by all of the secured we are
8:53 pm
all of part of it and without this we could have not been able to get this done. >> it is so easy to make these comments from 2005 to defeamiles away. but there was a monument set up for the father that killed his girlfriend and left beef child orphaned....the...left the child orpahned.. the n.y. giants have left the best game here is robert griffith the third verse is the live manning. and to look like the best in football at uwith the light
8:54 pm
manning at tutored 80 yds but this is griffith he is good. with an interlocked in indianapolis, and griffith in indianapolis. and andrew luck in indianapolis. great to use for the giants' offense, pagan is for the giant -fran, he is staying. he was a top pretty rowdy. lead off, and at the center fielder, and a top, great news for the giants fans. and will update you on the warriors, next.
8:55 pm
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offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> how are the warriors to in tonight? they are traveling orlando 51, 47 orlando beat the lakers. and niagara falls red bull 64 men and they are on ska tes.. see you at 11 [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today? then switch to at&t u-verse tv. add the wireless receiver exclusively from at&t, and you're no longer tied to the tv outlet. move your tv wherever you want in your home...even outside.
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